Random racist guy:What?Your names nae-nae?Well watch me whip!lol jk,i already did that to your ancestors.


two days later....

Cops:Looks like suicide..

Cops 2:Yes,indeed

Kyanite:We just walked in and we saw him dead on the floor!

Celeste:It was horrifying!1I didnt need to see that!Its so sad!*both look at each other with devilish glances*

Benny as a kid:Mom can i watch this PG-13 movie?!

Kyanite:Absolutely not!Last time i checked you were still a pre-teen!!Put it back or your grounded for eternity!!


Celeste:Mom can i watch this movie?!Its about this stripped that has *** all the time!!

Kyanite:Yeah sure


LR:Whats your zodiac sign?


LR:What a coincidence !

Yeah i know..i have issues

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