Greetings, contest-goers. Witness the power of a mighty lor before you

Welcome, y'all, to the 2nd monthly OC Competition. The short explanation of what this is, is, once a month from now on there’s a fun (hopefully) OC contest, you make an OC that matches the theme using the provided template (down below ↓) by a certain deadline, a fortnight, after that it gets judged. The losers get a pat on the back and a “better luck next time”. The winner gets the right to brag and lord their success over the rest of us (don't do this (in excess), while also gaining rights to be the judge for the next months OC contest, as well as choose the theme for said contest. By the way just because it is optional doesn't mean you should ignore it, it may earn you some extra points.

This month it will be a little different. Last month's theme was surrounded around marvel and this month there will be more of a mystic field surrounding the competition. The theme is.....


I chose mythology because it is something i've been deeply interested in for a very long time.(not 15 years long but you get the gist) Anyway the characters can be from any mythological religion of any continent,country ,etc.(I will mainly be looking out for goddess's/female gems just to let you guys know how to win)

(EX:Peresphone,Greek Change 'O Chinese)

(Feel free to base the character off of any lore associated with any of the Mythology comic characters or movies. Just make sure you include in the Notes section if a part of the character is based on or alludes to this or that. Also try not to make them direct copy's of a character just a few things. For those people who don't know much about Mythology you should do a bit of research, or even if you do know there is some very interesting stuff.

ahem... Here lie the rules. May the Gods watch over us and prevent us from writing complete garbage.

THE RULES: 1) The judge (Powerful and intimidating overlord), must pick a theme, which can be anything that crosses my overpowered mind but this isn't that important as of now.

2) Using the template that will be provided below or at least something similar, you, must create an OC that fits the chosen theme.

3) This character must abide to all (well most) established laws of canon in order to be considered eligible for the competition. These inescapable laws ARE:

-Gem name, well mineral name to be exact, because you know bismuth.

-I can't think of any others but you get the gist.

4) Characters should not be affiliated with members of the main cast, save for being in the rebellion be in the court of the diamond, so practically, no exact direct affiliation.

5) Try not to have reality-shifted characters. (Although to an extent I will allow some to base them off of certain Goddess.)

6) Try to have original ideas, if you are found to have copied a gemsona for this your character will score less.

7) The gemsona must be your own creation. This means don’t go using someone else’s idea as your own. You can, of course, receive advice and tips from anyone via message wall or private chat, but the base idea must be your own.

8) The first full character you post is the one which will be judged. However, you have until the end of the contest’s submission time frame to make any alterations or upgrades you see fit. Once time is up, any further changes will be ignored.

9) Only new OCs for this, these are for characters made for this

1)Basic Info


Character Basis: (here, put down what the character is based on)

Age: (optional)

Race: (human/hybrid/corrupted) (if hybrid or corrupted, please specify)


Other: (optional)

Physical Traits: (scars, tattoos, corrupted gem traits, etc.)

Misc. Traits: (any distinct items or clothing the character keeps on them that’s notable from the main outfit, along with any color preferences, verbal ticks, etc.)

Nickname(s): (optional)

Role in gem society: (optional though advised)


Note many of these are optional you can probably guess which ones.








Outfit: (Add more than one if it exists, or if you feel it’s important to the character.)

Gadgets (if any):




Likes: (optional)

Dislikes: (optional)


Notable Relationships:


Powers and weapons

I) Weapon


Weapon Derivation: (tell us what inspired the weapon) (optional)

Design: (handle, blade, patterns or decoration, colors, etc.) (optional)

Form 1:

Form 2: (if applicable)

Features: (if it has any)

Ammunition: (caliber, rounds-per-magazine, and element if applicable. Also optional.)

Usage: (How the wielder uses it in combat. I.e. a summary of the weapon’s place in the user’s fighting style.) (optional)

Planned Upgrades (if any): (optional)

Notes: (trivia, the name meaning, what it is based on, etc.)

II) Abilities

Note if more than one just add the slots


Type: (what exactly it does)

Purpose: Offensive/Defensive/Utility

Range: Personal (if it only works on you) / Short (if it applies to anything your OC touches) / Medium (for about throwing distance) / Long Range (for anything beyond medium. Bear in mind that there must be a definite limit on range, so don’t make it too far, it really shouldn't be farther than the eye can see.)

General Limitations: (Any common limitations that exist across all possible abilities.)

Passive Abilities (if any): (this can be either a passive effect of the ability, or a side ability gained through frequent usage of said ability. Note that not all abilities will have this.)

Notes: (Here, add any trivia about the abilities, what it’s based on or what it refers to, etc.)

III) Combat Info

Fighting Style:



Civilian Extension (OPTIONAL)

A)Day-to-day life

Skills: (Anything the character has some degree of mastery over.)

Certifications: (Any certifications, doctorates or such that the character has received over the years, or may be eligible for)

Expanded Relationships: (Any side relationships that didn’t make it into the notable ones up above. Don’t write full backstories, just how they interact with the character.)

Grading System (first time, so I’m going with the standard system):

---Basic Info - 10 points. Should be simple for all of you folks. Name is worth out of two physical traits and misc traits are rated together and are out of six and the role in gem society is worth out of two. Character Basis is worth 0 points, it’s just there to tell how to judge the character, depending on what it’s based on and the others are just basic information.

---Appearance - 15 points. Gadgets is 3 and 2 for hair, which is worth 2 (the hair is a big part of a character’s appearance after all). The outfit is worth 7 points overall.

---Characteristics - 25 points. The usual setup; History is worth 15 points, Personality is worth 10, and Like/Dislikes aren’t worth any points on their own, but can add or subtract a few extra points to the score depending on how well or poorly they fit.

---Trivia - 3 points. The points come from the Relationships. Notes is used to supplement and boost scores in other sections.

---Weapon - 6 points.

---Abilities - 8 points.

---Combat Info - 4 points. 3 for fighting style, 1 for Training.

---Skills - 2, no information more needed on that one.

10/27 of October is the final day

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