Smoky Quartz is the fusion of Amethyst and Steven. They made their debut in "Earthlings".

Episode Appearances


Smoky's first appearance was in "Earthlings". When Amethyst had been fighting Jasper, she failed. Steven then took out his shield and threw it at an Injector. The Injector fell, and Steven gave them a warning. Amethyst then stumbles back and falls on the ground. Amethyst explains to Steven that no matter what she does, or how hard she works, she can't beat Jasper and can't be like her. Steven then says that's what Jasper wants Amethyst to think, and that they've got each other, and they aren't like anybody. They hug each other, and an explosion happens. After the fog clears out, it is revealed that they fuse into Smoky Quartz. They unfuse when Jasper is corrupted.

Know Your Fusion

Smoky first appears in this episode when they want to show Garnet and Pearl their fusion, Smoky Quartz. They take out their Yo-yo and wreck everything because they want to show Garnet and Pearl "how they beat Jasper". Garnet and Pearl then form Sardonyx to stop Smoky from wreaking havoc around the house. It is then revealed Sardonyx has her own room, but Sardonyx states "it's only around when she's around". Sardonyx then hosts a game show with their "special guest" being Smoky. They play several fusion games such as "Hit That Bird", a reference to Opal's journey, "You Like that Little Man?", a reference to Sugilite's strength, and an unknown game where there is a reference to Alexandrite's fire breathing ability. Smoky then makes several jokes that the audience enjoys, and Sardonyx says that they hijacked the show and it wasn't about them. Garnet and Pearl unfuse, which causes the room to be destroyed. Smoky then saves them and they unfuse.


Smoky has light gray skin, a ripped tank top that is Steven's shirt, blue jean shorts that are Steven's, black and purple boots that are Amethyst's, and three arms (one being normal and the other being split into two), various spots, dark brown hair, and black eyes. Their gemstone is a Smoky quartz. The locations are the stomach and the chestal region.


Smoky, being half gem half human, is mischevious and caring. Since Steven is caring, Smoky tries their best to protect Earth from Homeworld and other harmful things. Since Amethyst is mischevious, they often wreck stuff as seen in "Know Your Fusion".



Smoky Quartz Yo Yo

Smoky can pull yo-yos out of their gems. This is usually used for combat (as seen in "Earthlings) and other things (as seen in "Know Your Fusion").

Amethyst's Whip

Amethyst Whip

Smoky can also wield Amethyst's whip. By putting this and Steven's shield together, this can make a yo-yo.

Steven/Rose's Shield

Steven Shield

Smoky can also wield Steven's shield. By putting this together with Amethyst's whip, this can form a yo-yo.

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