Rules of the Wiki!

1) Do NOT insult other users, not even in Private Message.

2) We do not allow leaks; only officially released clips will be allowed.

3) Do NOT re-do, the edits that you've done which were un-done by the staff, if you are concerned by those edits then please contact the staff member that un-did your edit.

4) Do NOT swear.

5) *WARNING* *THIS RULE MIGHT CHANGE SOON DEPENDING ON THE STAFF'S DECISION* Fanon is allowed, for now, but all fanon pages must categorised as FANON:

6) Do NOT spam anywhere on the wiki.

7) Do NOT post any NSFW content on the wiki

8) Finally, anybody who is under 13 may not contribute to the wiki, until they're 13. Any user who is found to be under 13 will be banned until they turn 13.

P.S. Have Fun!!!

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