Opal is a fusion of Amethyst and Pearl and made her debut in the episode "Giant Woman".

Episode appearances

Giant Woman

Opal's first appearance in the series was in "Giant Woman". She was mentioned by Amethyst at the beginning of the episode, triggering Steven's curiosity. After Pearl explained who Opal was, Steven insistively asked Pearl and Amethyst to fuse through the whole episode, even singing a song about it. Pearl and Amethyst finally agreed to fuse when the three of them were being attacked by a Big Bird monster, but they failed as they lacked synchronization. Opal was finally seen after Steven got eaten by the Big Bird. She punched through the monster's stomach and rescued Steven and Steven Jr.. She then summoned and revealed her weapon, a bow made from Pearl's spear and Amethyst's whip, and used it to shoot a powerful arrow of energy at the monster, which instantly poofed and bubbled all its parts. Opal warped back to the temple with Steven, but unfused as soon as Garnet mentioned the Heaven Beetle that she had forgotten about.

The Return

Opal was seen for the second time in "The Return". She fused in order to stop the Gem Warship with her arrows, but they failed. She unfused as soon as Steven returned, as Pearl and Amethyst had conflicting thoughts about it. She was seen with a new outfit in this episode because of Pearl's regeneration.

Log Date 7 15 2

Opal returned in "Log Date 7 15 2", her first and only appearance in Season 2. Pearl and Amethyst fused in order to lift the drill head with strength and caution. She later unfused offscreen. Opal was once again seen with a new outfit, this time because of Amethyst's regeneration.

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