Nitromagnesite, goes by Nitro, is a gem owned by Steven Watcher.


Nitro is slightly impatient and has a short fuse, he gets mad easily but this doesn't mean he is reckless, he thinks through what he is doing before he does it, not always a good think but a think none the less.


Nitro has all standard gem abilities as well as a few unique ones.

Self Combustion

Nitro can well explode, this does not hurt himself but does destroy things around him. Nitro can control the blast radius but the bigger it is the more energy it takes and therefore makes him weaker.

Explosive Resistance

Nitro has a resistance to explosions, it is quite basic as he can be damaged by them as it is just a resistance, an example would be that a (smaller) nuke 100 metres from him would knock him out and just him falling down at that point would poof him but his gem would be mostly fine.

Super Speed

Nitro can go extremely fast, around the speed of some race cars, he also has increased reflex speed and can perceive time slower, to the likeness if Quicksilver as shown in X-Men Days of Future past and The Flash in the Justice League movie.


Nitro has minor healing abilities able to heal medium-large scratches and wounds. It is no where near roses healing tears but it isn't useless.


Nitros weapon is a C4 it creates a basic explosion on command.


Nitro has a really excessive steampunk theme to how he looks, he even has the classic steampunk hair


His powers are loosely based on Nitro Glycerine, Nitro Oxide, and Nitrous Oxide, though the connections are very stretched in some cases.


  • A synonym for nitromagnesite is magnesium nitrate, a substance used in some fertilisers, however, this is usually a man-made substitute.
  • The natural crystalline form of nitromagnesite isn't very common, but when it does appear it is often in caves and mines with magnesium-rich rocks.
  • It is a readily water-soluble material.
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