Margy is Celetsites oldest child being the son of Jade and Celestite. Margarite


Margarite wears a T-shirt and shorts along with a pair of sneakers. He has shoulder length hair and his gem is on his front neck.


Onyx TBA

Gold TBA


Aqua,Celestite,Jade,Liz and lex[Soapstone]


His personality is usually fairly calm but he does act like his mother in a lot of ways. He is very playful and lives to spend time with others but can have emotional breakdowns.

Oh yeah and one more thing-

Don't take his purple car


Margy was born due to a loophole with Celestite, allowing her to give birth. Later in his life his father died (as far as they know), this lead Margy to go live with Greigite and Celestite. Eventually he moved in with Aqua and had two kids with them, Lex and Liz. At one point Margy thought Aqua cheated on him, prompting him to lash out at her and Onyx, but eventually they made up and Margy proposed to Aqua.


Margarite has standard gem abilities such as gem bubbling, shape-shifting and weapon summoning Unique Abilities Edit Pistol Summoning: He can summon a purple pistol that can fire smoke bombs and electrical bullets.

Electrokinesis: He can create and shoot lightning. Thermokinesis: He can heat up his body rapidly.




Margarite is part of the Mica family It was originally named "pearl-mica" because of its' lustre It is a 4 on the Mohs' hardness scale

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