Hydropyrite is a Gemsona made by Silk.


Hydro is a sociopathic, serious Gem sent to Earth to undergo studies of rebels. She, despite being a Gem, loves eating meat, valuing human meat above all others. Her main objective is to get research from Earth and get back; nothing else. She hates being called "Maxy".



Weapons & Abilities

Hydropyrite has the typical abilities of any Gem, such as shapeshifting, fusing, and photokinesis.

Unique Abilities

  • Hydrokinesis: Hydropyrite has the ability to control water, as well as vapor.
  • Spin Dash: Hydropyrite can spin dash.
  • Flight: By turning her crossbows into wings and using them, Hydro can fly.
    • However, she cannot use her crossbows during flight.


  • Hydropyrite is supposed to be a combination of the personalities of my first gemsonas: Pyrite & Magnetite.
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