Fusion Themes are songs and soundtracks related to Fusion, Fusion Dances, or Fusion Gems.


(this list is incomplete)

No. In Series Picture Title Episode
05 GiantWomanSong Giant Woman "Giant Woman"
Steven sings about his wish to see Opal while on his quest on the Sky Spire with Pearl and Amethyst.
07 StrongInTheRealWaySong Strong In The Real Way "Coach Steven"
Pearl sings about Sugilite being an bad role model for Steven.
25 StrongerThanYouSong Stronger Than You "Jailbreak"
Garnet sings about being a fusion of love while fighting Jasper.


(this list is incomplete)

No. In List Picture Title Episode
01 No picture Amalgam "Giant Woman"
Pearl and Amethyst's Fusion Dance theme.
02 No picture Opal (soundtrack) "Giant Woman"
Opal's theme.
03 No picture Synchronize/Sugilite "Coach Steven"
Garnet and Amethyst's Fusion Dance theme, immediately followed by Sugilite's theme.
04 No picture Sugilite Returns "Coach Steven"
Reprise of Sugilite's theme as she returns later in the episode.
05 No picture Alexandrite (soundtrack) "Fusion Cuisine"
Alexandrite's theme.
06 No picture Alone Together "Alone Together"
Steven and Connie's Fusion Dance theme.
07 No picture Reunion "Jailbreak"
Ruby and Sapphire's Fusion Dance theme.
08 No picture Collusion "Jailbreak"
Jasper and Lapis Lazuli's Fusion Dance theme.
09 No picture Malachite (soundtrack) "Jailbreak"
Malachite's theme.
10 No picture Enticement "Cry For Help"
Garnet and Pearl's Fusion Dance theme.
11 No picture Sardonyx (soundtrack) "Cry For Help"
Sardonyx's theme.
12 No picture Reconciliation "Keystone Motel"
Ruby and Sapphire's second Fusion theme.
13 No picture Smoky Quartz "Earthlings"
Smoky Quartz' theme.
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