Coral is one of Periandlapis007,If someone wants to borrow it then you can use it IF you have no other Charecters yet.


Coral is a newer homeworld formed gem,So she doesn't have much history,but when she was first formed,she was formed on an abandoned homeworld kindergarten,she was there for a few hours until she met Moonstone (ISS).A few years after Coral became rebel because of not respecting Homeworlds ways,her and moonstone stayed together but later on when a war was forming on Homeworld they went back to homeworld to protect their homeworld friends. Weapon It is a yellow and red bomb that when it explodes the remains of the bomb will explode around the enemy making a much smaller explosion.The bomb is surrounded in water.


Hydrokenisis Invisibility

Can make holograms similar to pearls


-Olivine(Qwerty)(was her first friend to get other then moon) -Moonstone (ISS)-(Romantic partner who recently died by giving birth to Kunzite)

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