Copper is a Gemsona made by Silk. 


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Coppr acts like a normal kid, hating being in crowds, impatient, and hates that their Gemstone is poisonous. They hate the "Pepe" and "Harambe" memes, finding them annoying and pointless. They try to summon their weapon, but they never do.

They once had both murderous and suicidal thoughts due to her crummy adoptive dad and her deceased mother, and thus genuinely sympathize with most people who share those qualities, including her classmate, Sudhem.

Due to their Gemstone being toxic, they are a bit of a neat-freak and make sure to wear their gloves at all times (due to the gem being on their hand), but is also immune to toxins and poisonous substances.

Weapons & Abilities

Copper has the normal abilities of any Gem, such as shapeshifting, photokinesis, and fusing.

Unique Abilites

  • Ice Manipulation: Copper has the ability to control, manipulate, and create ice.
  • Electrokinesis: Copper has the ability to control, create, and manipulate electricity.
  • Poison Immunity: Like Mithridates VI, Copper is immune to poison.


  • Copper's name was chosen due to blue vitriol being the copper analogue of siderotil and pentahydrite.
  • Copper has pyrophobia; this is due to fearing their Gem will melt.
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