Celestite is a Homeworld gem that only rebelled against homeworld for a short time but in that time thanks to her being 1/4 human she had a son named Margarite,with another gem named Jade (played by Soulwarrior) Later on after weirdmagedon she woke up in the Strawberry battle feild and then met Emerald(played by Agunachopace) not having any memory of Jade or her son,on her journeys with Emerald Celestite had part of her gem removed by a gem named obsidian (played by Agunachopace)Later on Celestite got together with a jet.(Agunachopace)

Celestite then left Emerald and the others after a break up with jet,she stayed connected with one of her best friends Indy(qwerty).As years past Celestite later on got together with Greigite.(Stevidot)They revived Margy from his death and later on had two more kids.Margy,Charry,and Dolo.

Dolo is the youngest out of the siblings and is the miscarriage Celestite had when she was supposed to have Charry and Dolo at the Same time.

Celestite later leaves her family thinking Greigite is dead because of what a fluorite tricked her into thinking.

She is recently with Golden sapphire,But is slowly dying

WeaponEdit Celestites weapon is a blue sword that she can shoot nuclear blast out of it. RaceEdit Celestine is a gem but she is 1/4 human thanks to her mother kyanite,(Gemtopaz)Celestites father died after World War Two,and Celestite having the one peice removed from her gem made her 1/3 human. GenderEdit She/Her



-Greigite(Maggy and Pyrite)-ISS

-Emerald (mentor)-Agunachopace

-MP(moonstone Pearl)-Periandlapis







-Yellow topaz-12gemtopaz



-Ally's Mom-(Dina)-Agunachopace

-Tanzanite -Soulwarrior

-Purple Zoisite-(Periandlapis)

-Orange diamond-Orange diamond

-Dark diamond -Orange diamond

-Shifter-Orange diamond


-Underground diamond-Orange diamond

-Onyx-Steven watcher

-Gold-Steven watcher

-The General(Celestites dad)-Gemtopaz


-Moonstone(Unstable relationship)-ISS


(There's probably more but I can't name all of them)

Picture one-two are done by Agunachopace


Pictures 3-4 are made by I-Ship-Stevidot and Salty Pearl

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