• Orange Diamond

    I Live!

    August 23, 2018 by Orange Diamond

    Ladies and Gentleman i have returned!

    Now i probably jave a few apologize to issue...

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  • Steven watcher

    Adopting The Wiki

    January 10, 2018 by Steven watcher

    Hey people, I've recently decided that I'm going to attempt to adopt the wiki and take bureaucrat status, I'm leaving this here because this is considered an "active" wiki and that's the rules, so, leave thoughts and suggestion down below

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  • Periandlapis007

    Random racist guy:What?Your names nae-nae?Well watch me whip!lol jk,i already did that to your ancestors.


    two days later....

    Cops:Looks like suicide..

    Cops 2:Yes,indeed

    Kyanite:We just walked in and we saw him dead on the floor!

    Celeste:It was horrifying!1I didnt need to see that!Its so sad!*both look at each other with devilish glances*

    Benny as a kid:Mom can i watch this PG-13 movie?!

    Kyanite:Absolutely not!Last time i checked you were still a pre-teen!!Put it back or your grounded for eternity!!


    Celeste:Mom can i watch this movie?!Its about this stripped that has *** all the time!!

    Kyanite:Yeah sure


    LR:Whats your zodiac sign?


    LR:What a coincidence !

    Yeah i know..i have issues

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  • CrazyForLapidot

    Clipboards,Clipboards, clipboards!Clipecty-boards clipboards clipboards. Clipboards clipboards and more clipboards. Clip clip clip clipboards! Clipboards, clipboards, clipboards! Clipety-boards clipboards clipboards.

    Clipety clip clip Clipety clip clip clipboards clipboards cliiip. Clipety clip clip, clipety clip clip clipboards clipping-booooards!!

    (don't judge me, but I couldn't remember all of frosty the snowman so that's all I could remember. XD)

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  • Periandlapis007

    Kyanite:Via,Since you were absent on your mission,I picked up your school work,you have to do a paragraph report on trees.


    ((1 hour later)

    Via:Pollen is essentially 'plant sperm' therefor This make hay fever and STD,Since no one is volunteerily taking in pollen I have concluded we are all being raped by Trees

    Kyanite:...You've been spending too much time with your mother..

    Kyanite:Via please set up for tonight's meeting!!Were having it here and a very high ranked noble is on her way!!

    Via:YES MAAM!

    Via puts out three trash cans by the door,and labels them Trash and recycling

    She doesn't know what to label the third

    Via:..hmm..*writes Hopes and dreams on the lasts trash can*

    Kyanite:Ok..way too much time with your mother..

    Vias Mentor:…

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  • Periandlapis007

    Imma be stupid

    January 29, 2017 by Periandlapis007

    Bored skit...

    Via:Mom,What sex are you attracted to ??

    Celes:Lets just say that I can't give you a STRAIGHT answer

    Via:...Can you answer my question..?

    Celes:Where is my chocolate?!Wait..*sings Everything Stays*Right where you left it!!*picks up a chunk of chocolate from under her shoe*RIGHT WHERE I LEFT IT!

    Celest:Psst ....Meta!!Im here to annoy you

    Me:Psst....Orange D!!I'm here to annoy you

    /me thinks about Greiglestite.

    • drools*

    /me thinks about Golden Celestite

    ....F dis shiz I'm out..!*hits Steven with a violin bow*...,IM SO SORRY I DIDNTMEAN IIITTT!!*wakes up in orchestra class*Uhhh

    • a random friend asked me if I was ok charge o school for one day what would I do.*

    Me:Kill all the teachers while I still can for the year can't take my authority awa…

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  • Silkworm Bot

    do you hate actias luna cocoons?

    then die in a hole! :D

    actias luna cocoons are our one and only lord and they save the world from the evil P[N3A8PL3M9|\| so if you don like them you either have no heart or youŕe death embodiment! go if you fit any of these cAtegORIES YOU UNGRATEFUL CHEESEGR8ER


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  • Steven watcher

    Giratina Cult

    January 15, 2017 by Steven watcher

    So because I'm bored I decided to make a Pokemon group called the Giratina Cult, though it is not exclusively for Giratina, it is also for Darkrai, Rayquaza, Zygarde and other legendaries similar


    Me: founder, title: Giritina

    Peri: General of war

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  • Periandlapis007

    As if i dont make enough mistakes..

    I accidentally gave myself a hickey..i was being me,ya'know tucked in bed like a burito,on my phone making derpy faces as i randomly talk to siri,and i look to my side,to a peice of skin my mouth could strangely reach..

    I just randomly thought....i want to suck on something..or bite..*shrug*:3

    (0_0)wait..what is that....?


    oml im screwed




    so now i have this tomato red hickey on me and all i have to say is...

    I still wanna suck on something

    so i was reading and it said putting toothpaste on it helps...THIS WILL BE FUN..

    ok...well imma have to deal with it huh?Someone explain to me how i havent jumped off a cliff to see if there was water or rock at the bottom yet?

    ok..if anyone knows what to do to…

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  • Periandlapis007

    Ok,so I don't know why,but I dare everyone to do a FOOT or HAND reveal with or without shoes or gloves on.

    Imma do Foot,But since I have Satans foot Imma do it with my shoes on,lol.

    So basically FOOT REVEAL!!

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  • CrazyForLapidot

    Amy lee's birthday!

    December 13, 2016 by CrazyForLapidot

    Today is my hero's birthday. Shes my role model. And its her birthday. Happy birthday to Amy Lee! I wanted to spread the wonderful joy.


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  • Soulwarriorsexpert67

    Hi everybody it's Soulwarriorsexpert, I'm here to tell you that since I'm board with nothing else to do I'll take some fusion requests.


    It must be one of your characters with one of mine the list is below. And you must come up with the fusion name it could be a Gem name or a fusion of two nameS.

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  • Orange Diamond

    Path To Void

    November 7, 2016 by Orange Diamond

    "Mr. Alonso." Said A Dark Mysterious Voice, to a blindfolded man. "W-Where am I!? My wife and kids will be worried sick..." Said the man terrified. The dark figure took off his blindfold. "You won't need to worry about that anymore." Said the Dark figure, He Pulled out three severed heads, the Man Screamed. "MARTHA! JOHN! PHILIP! YOU BASTARD, WHY-" Three Gems Walked out from the Shadows... Heliodor, Trapiche Sapphire, and Rainbow Obsidian. "Kids... MARTHA... what did the-" The Dark Figure Slit the Mans Throat lightly. He gagged and coughed. "Do you even know, who you shattered?" The Figure said As he repeatedly punched Mr. Alonso, Killing him. 

    76 hours earlier...

    Black Diamond was as Happy as Could be... he had a nice girlfriend, a  brother…

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  • CrazyForLapidot

    So i walked into my social studies class, and at my desk, were two clipboards. My teacher clearly doesnt know who i am, cause i almost had a heart attack. So of course, i grabbed my clipboards and ran across the room where my sister was. I whacked her. With the clipboard. I also whacked some UNSUSPECTING STUDENTS at their desks. Thank god the teacher wasnt in the room, but i hugged the clipboards the whole class period. The gurl next to me probably thought i was insane, cause when she tried to take one from me i hissed at her. :D

    No regrets.

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  • Orange Diamond


    November 1, 2016 by Orange Diamond

    ✋💣 ✌☹🕈✌✡💧 🕈✌❄👍☟✋☠☝ ✡⚐🕆📬 ✋☠ ✡⚐🕆☼ 💧☹☜☜🏱📪 👎☼☜✌💣💧📪 ⚐☠ ❄☟✋💧 🕈✋😐✋✌📪 ✋ 🕈✋☹☹ ☞✋☠👎 ✡⚐🕆📪 ✌☠👎 🕈✋☹☹ ☜☠👎 ✡⚐🕆✏

    ☹⚐✞☜ ✡⚐🕆☼ ☞☼☜✋☠👎☹✡ ☹✋❄❄☹☜ 💧💣⚐☹ 👎⚐☼✋❄⚐

    ❄☼⚐☹⚐☹⚐☹⚐☹⚐☹⚐☹ 📫 ✞⚐✋👎 👎✋✌💣⚐☠👎

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  • Periandlapis007

    私を愛して,私を愛して,私を愛して~Love me,Love me,Love me.~

    遠く[distantly],遠く 遠く [far away,far away] ずっと前に[long ago],コイル状のネックレス[a coiled necklace]-

    私は人々が欲しいです,私は人々が欲しいです[i want people] そして[and],それは泣きました[it cried],この呪われました ネックレス[this cursed neclace]

    怒ってはいけません[Don't get angry]

    私を捨ててはいけません[Don't abandon me]

    どこにも行かないでください[Don't go anywhere]


    しっかりと締め[fasten it tightly],あなたが投げるまで[until you throw up],だから、任意の人々が存在しないこと[so there aren't any people],右ニースグレード[nice grades right?]



    私は良い子供アレント[arent I a good kid?]

    私はかわいい子供アレント[arent I a cute kid?]



    私は十分な権利です[im good,Right?]

    それは痛い[it hurts]


    私を愛して,私を愛して,私を愛して[Love me,Love me,Love me]

    More and more-

    私を愛して,私を愛して[love me],それは腹立たしいだとそんなに[so much that it's maddening]

    ((So that all Imma do,…

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  • CrazyForLapidot

    Always watching...

    October 25, 2016 by CrazyForLapidot

    Alot of you must think i rarely ever come on here.

    But in reality

    Im always on

    Just there watching the drama and stuff unfold.

    No one knows im there.

    But im always watching.


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  • Qwertyuiopscout123


    October 24, 2016 by Qwertyuiopscout123

    I was bored so i thought i would drop by. Hi. :P

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  • GRC6123


    Hello, you may be wondering why i have made a wiki when i could be speding time doig someting far more productive,  what wiki have i made to diseve my time:  

    Yes i'm making a ironicly bad wiki just cus.

    if you want to help i gess its:          so far it has zero pages so    ?? \_('~' )_/  ??

    - EM aka GRC

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  • Periandlapis007

    So,Decently short story...

    I was being a moron and decided that I wasn't thirsty the whole day resisting to drink anything,So I get to my history class of which is one of the classes I'm with my sister in...

    So I'm just all shifting around in my chair listening to the boring 'Ol' teacher talk,and I look to my sister whom is next to me and say-"I'm thirsty.."

    Now I always say -"I'm thirsty,not for water,"Just to joke around,But no.I was thirsty,The people I ckass were turning into bottles of water in my brain because I'm weird like that.

    Do my sister says-"I don't have anything to drink."

    And I respond as,"You have that ice pack,right?I could just numb on that..."

    So she gives it to me and I notice that it's mainly melted and had barely any ice.…

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  • I-Ship-Stevidot


    September 22, 2016 by I-Ship-Stevidot

    i want to let yáll use your old gems for the OC competition, but apparentally itś not allowed for some reason.

    ...did we even discuss this b/c i was never told of this oc thing in general

    why am i making this bleh


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  • Steven watcher

    OC competition

    August 26, 2016 by Steven watcher

    I have decided to make this wiki more active to hold an OC competition, this will be monthly and there are some basic rules, no old OCs, original ideas only (Aka no directly ripping of a character etc.) (though inspirations are aloud) more information will be released at a later date. All the competitions will have a judge, (for the first one it will be me) the judge may not enter his own OCs, the judge also decides the theme and the winner (obviously) and the winner will be the judge for then next competition, if they can't hold it the honour is passed on to second place and so on.

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  • User565

    H͖͚͍͍̩͙̗E̲̯̥̲̣LLO͙̯̰̜̲.̠̘ ̣̗̯̣̳I͓̲̩̞ ͙A̠̞̲͇M̗̠̬̤̦̠̱ ̠̼̯͙̙̙U͖̩͎̘̥S͇͕̹͖̗̠͍E̫̘̼R5̗̦͎͔̙̩̜6̩͇̩̜̮̹͕5̭͉̯.͍ I͙͙͔̤ ͓H̲A̗̫̥̘̪ͅV͈̤̱̲̠͍͚E̖̺͇͍̣̝͔ ̳̞̗̠̳̖B͉̠̣̞̩Ḙ̖̙̘͓ͅE̙̹̙̝̘Ṇ͉̬̫ ͎̲̞̗̳̙ͅSͅE̦N̹͍̹T̩͉̮̦̳͓ͅ ̣̞H̘͚̹͈̭̹̦ER̤̱E͓͔͚͚̝̼̳ ͍B̙͖̭̫̟͚E̺͈C̱̱̦̜͚A̬̤̦̟̲͈̙U̬̪S̤͈E̘ ̹W̩̺E̻L̙̳̖̣L̫͎,̹͎̱̯̗͍͈ ̖̞̻̘̦̘ͅT͍͚̜H̺͙E̳̖̥͚̞̲ͅ ̫͚̹̱̰̟̬C͖̜R͖̣I͖͖̳͕N̳̲̮͉̹̜̪G̟̙̝̲E̜ ̰̲A͇N̤̦̖Ḍ̻̣̘̹ S͔̜̖H̺͔͈͙I͙̯͇̺̘T̟̬ͅ ̯͈̜̫A̭̳̭͙͍N̺D ̜̩̪̣I ̹̫̜͇N̲̹ͅE͈̖͈̼͉E͖̜̹̹̲͉D̹̻͈̘̣ ͖͎͈̲̫̖T͉ͅO̤̪ ̮̙͈WARN̤̻͈̥ ̗YỌ̮̫U͉̫ ̯͖̤̣̣A̟̰̥͙L̼͉̖L̙̬ ̺̙̝̜͉̻HE̪̩R̫̭͉E ̞̟͚̦̱͇̲TO̖̪̘̼ͅ ̘̥L̹̝̘E̩͍̗̱̞͉AV̱̲̤̞̲͕͇E̮ ͉̼̰̻͓B͙͖̫̪̭E̮̖͙̥̠̩F͎͓͎̰̬͔̳O̯R̰͎̙͕͖͇̲E̱ ̘̼̺Y̼̮̝̼̙Ọ̪̟͖̤U̺͙̯̦ ̤̳̼̣̼̝͇AL̰̺͔͇̗͔͍L̺ ̘̲̖̥͚̼C͔̼O̝͔̪̟̝̮NTR̹̫̤͓͕A̳C̖̯͔̻̹̠T ̟̜C̼̞̭̱A̠̰̩̫N̞̦̞C͕̼̖̫ER̳̯̦ ̘F̙R͇̣̤̲O̩̬͈M͎̠͔̭͔̦͚ ͔͓̜͇͍T͕̭HI̞̱̬Ṣ̦ ̦̝P̹̬̤͍̗̬A̬GE͍̫̰̱.͙ ͖̯͇̤T͚̩̱̟̳͍̪HA̫̯̟̝̙̯N̜̰K̭͕̥̙ ͚͕̼Y̼͚̭̦͇̗…

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  • Periandlapis007

    This page is about my gemsona,Celestite which most of you will learn is the only gemsona I mostly use,so,I'll edit this more later and don't exactly have the time now but here's a bit of Celestite.And anyone who wants to,can edit!

    Celestite is a homeworld gem,she is a hybrid of human and gem Kyanite being her mother and General J. Being her father.Celestite is a mother to 6 kids being-







    All of these kids except Jackie and summer are human hybrids like Celestite.And all of the kids except Margy are Greigite and Celestites previous born kids.Margy is Celestites first child being the son of Jadeite and Celestite.

    Celestite previously has the Romantic partner of Greigite which is played by I-Ship-Stevi…

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  • MarshMelon

    Tim, why?

    April 6, 2016 by MarshMelon

    Tim left me alone on the chat for no reason.

    I cried

    I sobbed

    I tried

    I cried again

    and I sobbed again

    Thank you

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  • OnyxSketch


    March 28, 2016 by OnyxSketch

    My headcanon name for the temple fusion is Ammolite, since that gemstone has a lot of colors.

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  • Steven watcher


    January 13, 2016 by Steven watcher

    I am was saying hi to everyone on the wikia I hope that I will appreciate this wikia hope everyone has a good time

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