Apache tears my new Gemsona and the most powerful in my world of gemsona.

Personality Edit

Apache keeps to himself and rarely conversatea with others. 

He gets annoyed easily by people asking stupid Questions. 

And he especially hates long conversations.

History Edit

Apache Tears was created after Pink Daimond was shattered. His purpose was to kill Rose Quartz and everyone and everything she held dear. But the project went wrong Apache was in to long and was no longer able to control. So the daimonds decided to bury him with the cluster in case it failed. No one know how they managed to dissipate his form.

Coming Now! Edit

Apache Tears will make his debut in Universal Clash the Roleplay.

Weapon Edit

Sword Proficiency Edit

Apache Tears summons a sword that he can wield freely changing its form to any kind of metal or element. It also contributes to something else......


Tte most devastating attack in the Soulwarrior universe. It has its limits though, it drains Apache of all energy. It also is activated for 1 minute.

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