Alexandrite is the fusion of Garnet, Amethyst and Pearl.


Alexandrite is a massive fusion with bright-magenta skin and six arms. Her eyes are covered by a dark-indigo visor. Instead of a third eye, like Garnet has, she has an alexandrite gemstone, representing the location of Pearl's gemstone, with three dark- indigo oval-shaped lenses surrounding it. Alexandrite's primary face has a structure similar to Pearl's and plump lips like Amethyst and Garnet. This face functions as a mask, covering a second monstrous mouth that has sharp teeth and a long tongue. Both mouths are capable of speech.

Alexandrite's thick, mint green hair is a collision of all the Crystal Gems'hairstyles. The length and wildness of her hair resembles Amethyst's, the top tuft of her hair is styled to a point to resemble Pearl's, the fullness of her hair resembles Garnet's.

Pre-regeneration (debut)

Alexandrite's attire is a combination of the Crystal Gems' clothing: The teal bodysuit with a four-pointed star cutout on each knee resemble Amethyst's, the flats and large, dark-mauve shoulder plates resemble Garnet's, and the dark pink belt resembles Pearl's. The gloves on each pair of arms are the skin tone of her three constituent Gems (Lilac for Amethyst, magenta for Garnet, and aqua for Pearl).

Post-regeneration (current)

In "Super Watermelon Island", Alexandrite's attire underwent changes due to Garnet and Amethyst's regenerations in "Jail Break" and "Reformed" respectively. Her lowest arms are now located on her waist, featuring gloves that cut off at her elbows instead of covering the entirety of the two arms. She now wears a dark teal leotard with dark mauve and off-white shoulder pads, similar to that of Garnets; and an enlarged violet red sash similar to that ofSardonyx. Her leggings are a lighter mauve with lilac four-pointed star cutouts, resembling Amethyst's.


Alexandrite is an incredible force on the battlefield. When Pearl, Amethyst and I fuse together with a singular goal, we are unstoppable. But when the singular goal is a dinner party with a human family, we are very confused, and we are very confusing, and we are very sorry.

GarnetGuide to the Crystal Gems

Alexandrite starts off cold, somewhat distant, intense, and sloppy. As the fusion becomes more unstable, the Crystal Gems' individual personalities become more prominent, showing Pearl's fear of food, Amethyst's hunger and argumentative personality, and Garnet's social awkwardness, leadership, and control of situations.

During "Fusion Cuisine" she is not shown to have her own personality, but rather four separate personalities, each one being that of Garnet (Ruby & Sapphire), Amethyst, and Pearl. These personalities can exist at the same time and come into conflict with each other, causing Alexandrite to defuse.

As shown in "Super Watermelon Island", she is able to keep herself together when in serious situations. She was shown to be a ferocious fighter, roaring in a bestial-like manner before charging at her enemy. However, she offered to settle things peacefully before the battle, reminding her enemy that they don't have to fight.


"Fusion Cuisine"

Steven, are you kidding me?! What is this thing that you have brought to dinner?! It—It's my family. It's all the Gems fused together into a six-armed... giant woman.

Connie/Steven, "Fusion Cuisine"

After an awkward phone conversation between Dr. Maheswaran and Garnet (who pretends to be Steven's mom),Connie's parents wish to meet Steven's parents for dinner. While Steven has a dad, he has three "moms" and he doesn't wish to leave any of them out.


Alexandrite, about to defuse.

Steven comes up with the idea of fusing the other three Crystal Gems into one Gem that can represent his mom in his nuclear family. After some initial hesitation, they reluctantly agree to go through with it. Fused together as the enormous Alexandrite, the Gems walk to their dinner, where the Maheswarans are impatiently waiting. Greg and Steven have trouble fabricating answers to all of the Maheswarans's questions. Once the food is served, Alexandrite has an internal struggle between the Gems to eat or not eat which causes them to fall out of sync and defuse, surprising Connie's parents.

Alexandrite then shows up for a final time when the Gems fuse off-screen in order to track down the runaway Steven and Connie. She is last seen chasing down and picking up the bus the two were riding out of Beach City.

"Super Watermelon Island"

Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl form Alexandrite in order to fight Malachite on Mask Island. While initially struggling to fight Malachite, the Watermelon Stevens distract the unstable fusion long enough for Alexandrite to gain the upper-hand in their battle and finally defeat her and rescued Lapis from Jasper's manipulation once and for all. Upon reaching the shore, she immediately unfuses out of exhaustion.


Presumably, Alexandrite possesses standard Gem abilities and traits.

Alexandrite has incredible amounts of physical strength and stamina; her long legs allows her to cover a lot of ground quickly. She uses her sheer strength and size to lift weighted objects, like a bus. Garnet describes her as "an incredible force on the battlefield", making clear Alexandrite is indeed a formidable warrior, capable of anything as long she keeps a singular goal in mind.


  • Weapon Proficiency: As a fusion of multiple Gems, Alexandrite is skilled in wielding a variety of weapons, such as Opal's bow, Sugilite's flail, Sardonyx's war hammer, and the base weapons of the Gems she is composed of.

Unique Abilities

  • Anatomy Manipulation: Like Sardonyx, Alexandrite has been shown to have "doll joints", body segments that have full rotation independent of the rest of her body. She was seen spinning her upper body above her sash while attacking Malachite with Sardonyx's war hammer without impeding her lower body movement.

Alexandrite using her ability to breath fire.

  • Fire Breathing: Alexandrite is able to create a plume of fire from her lower mouth. It is unknown if she inherited this from another Gem or if this is an entirely unique ability.



Alexandrite's de-fusion reveals Ruby andSapphire.


Alexandrite's Attack the Light fusion dance.


Alexandrite's second/lower mouth.


Alexandrite's entry in Guide to the Crystal Gems.

  • She is the most complex fusion seen thus far; involving a total of four Gems (including Ruby and Sapphire).
  • Ben Levin stated that, in theory, Alexandrite is taller than Sugilite, due to being composed of four Gems.[1]
  • The "face mask" concept resembles the Crystal Temple, as the Crystal Temple is shown having two faces (the first being the mask on its forehead).
  • When Alexandrite de-fused, a still frame of animation shows silhouettes of Ruby and Sapphire where Garnet would have been.
    • The same frame also seems to show the two quickly grabbing each other, likely to re-fuse quickly and keep their existence secret until Steven's birthday.
  • Alexandrite is seen in the mobile video game Attack the Light, as a special attack dealing around seven heavy-damage strikes to all opponents on the field, as well as inflicting the attack down and defense down status conditions. She is the hardest attack to use in the game, as she requires nine Star Points and for Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl to all be at full harmony.
    • A glimpse of her fusion dance is shown during this process.
    • The difficulty of summoning Alexandrite in the game likely reflects the amount of difficulty fusing into Alexandrite actually takes, and why they don't form Alexandrite often.
  • Alexandrite has a different outfit the second time she is formed, due to Garnet's regeneration in "Jail Break" and Amethyst's regeneration in "Reformed".
    • A hint toward her having Future Vision is that she was able to find the bus quickly and track Steven and Connie down.
  • Alexandrite's weapon was revealed in the book Guide to the Crystal Gems (Steven Universe) It was revealed that her weapon is all of the Gems' weapons.
    • This includes the weapons of their fusions (Opal, Sugilite, and Sardonyx) as well as each gems' individual weapons.
      • So far she has not been shown to have her own unique weapon.
  • Alexandrite was designed by Rebecca SugarColin Howard, and Danny Hynes.[2]



Color-change alexandrite.

Gemstone Information

  • It is said that the stone was named after the Russian emperor, Alexander II (1818 - 1881), but was discovered by a French mineralist called Nils Gustaf Nordenskiöld (1792 - 1866).
    • When Nordenskiöld first discovered alexandrite in 1834, it was initially thought to be an emerald because it was discovered in emerald mines located in Russia's Ural region, near the Tokovaya River. The specimen was later identified as a chromium bearing, color-change variety of chrysoberyl.
    • Legends claim that the discovery of alexandrite was made on the very day the future emperor of Russia became of age. Inevitably, the red and green color change stone was to be declared the official gemstone of Russian Empire.
  • Alexandrite is one of the rarest of all colored gemstones available today.
    • More specifically, it is an extremely rare color change variety of chrysoberyl (a cyclosilicate).
      • Despite its name, chrysoberyl, which is an aluminate of beryllium, does not actually belong to the beryl mineral group, but rather, it is classified as its own independent mineral group.
  • Alexandrite is one of three birthstones for June and is the zodiacal sign for Gemini.
    • Alexandrite is also used to commemorate the fifty-fifth wedding anniversary.
  • Alexandrite is a stone associated with discipline and self-control, which adequately explains Alexandrite's stoic personality.
  • The color change phenomenon seen in alexandrite is referred to as the 'alexandrite effect'. The change in color can be observed under certain lighting conditions, typically under daylight and incandescent lighting.
    • The alexandrite gemstone is green when in the presence of light composed mainly of greens and blues (e.g. natural light) and red in the presence of light composed mostly of reds and yellows (e.g. incandescent light), and purple when shown under both sources of light.
    • Alexandrite can also display a cat's eye effect; and this rare trait can make an alexandrite stone even more valuable.
    • Originally mined in Russia, gem quality deposits of alexandrite has also been discovered in Brazil, Southeast Asia, and Africa.


Image Description
[8] Pearl's gemstone on Alexandrite. It is a smooth ellipsoid with no faces.
[9] Amethyst's gemstone on Alexandrite, featuring a hexagonal facet. It is a tetradecahedron, specifically a truncated hexagonal dipyramid.
[10] Ruby's gemstone on Alexandrite, featuring a squared facet. It is a decahedron, specifically a truncated tetragonal dipyramid.
[11] Sapphire's gemstone on Alexandrite, featuring a triangular facet. It is an octahedron, specifically a truncated trigonal dipyramid.
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