We are the Starlight gems

Abandoned from our race

And if you think we're wrong we'll put you in your place

Thats why

 the people of Splurak believe in 

Agate, Ametrine, And... Red beryl

Some time during season 2 of Steven universe a group of three gems were running to a jet not for a mission but for an escape. They were being chased by a mob of angry Homeworld gems. They shouted at the three gems in anger. "The daimonds are not to be taken lightly!" One said. "I'll shatter all three of you!" The Ruby said running in a circle not knowing what she was doing.

Red beryl summoned her mace and extended it towards the ship sticking on it, She then grabbed Agate and Ametrine and they all landed inside the ship. Ametrine immediately started the ship and it took off. The three gems had no idea where to go they were lost in space. Ametrine looked around and decided on a planet to choose from. "Ametrine I believe I found a planet that isn't under homeworld control. Red beryl was not paying attention she was keeping a lookout for red eyes from homeworld. Ametrine set a course for the new planet that they would call home.

"A Day went buy and the gems arrived on the planet Splurak. The planet looked like Earth except with more vegetation and there were more animals. There were humans there but not like the ines in earth. They mostly lived with the land but they made places to live like tree houses and such. The gems hovered around in the ship and searched for a suitable home for them to live in. Agate spotted an abandoned treehouse big enough for the three of them. 

They landed the ship and entered the treehouse looking around."This is decent enough to live in." Red beryl said with a fake smile trying to adjust to the new setting. "It's alright." Agate said this while piling a bunch of leaves together and laying on them. Ametrine stood by the window staring at the sky. "This is it the we can never go home again." The three gems looked off into space together ready for what the future will behold.

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